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Home Mortgage Refinance LoansWelcome to an independent look at the home mortgage refinance process

Our aim is to provide unbiased information to help you know when to refinance

The Mortgage Refinance Journal is your unbiased and independent stop for information and advice for getting the lowest rate, best terms, and easiest experience when it comes to a home mortgage refinance!  We concentrate on innovate home mortgage refinance products and financing ideas. Best of all, we are fully independent – we do not work directly with any broker or provider of home mortgage loan product, so we can provide unbiased information and advice about the home mortgage refinance process and how to get the lowest home mortgage interest rate. Our goal is to answer the common question: “Should I refinance my mortgage?”

We have no stake in your choice, from the initial choice of whether to refinance your mortgage at all, to who you choose to refi with in order to try to get the lowest home mortgage refinance rate.  We are a completely unbiased and independent website so we can give you information and advice that you can trust.  We do accept comments from mortgage brokers and banks as long as they are on topic and not self-promoting.  We do not accept post and page guest writers however.  Our research is independent and up-to-date, and designed to ensure that a reader knows when to refinance their mortgage and how to get the lowest home mortgage refinance rate when they do.

The Mortgage Refinance Journal will be presenting various kinds of home mortgage refinance types as we explore when to refinance, some you have heard of and some you probably have not. Sometimes the answer to the question, “should I refinance my mortgage” is a bit more complicated and may depend on the product you choose or term you decide to go with.  Thus our coverage will include topics such as:

- “Part and part” home mortgages which allow you to pay off your mortgage in two steps, one involving a variable rate that is low, and the second a locked in fixed rate that can be higher.  These innovative home mortgage refinance products are picking up steam and provide an opportunity to get low home mortgage interest rates at least initially.

- Innovative home equity products that offer some protection against home mortgage interest rates rising during the course of a variable rate term.  In other words, some banks offer certain protections in the structure of their home equity products lowering the risk a little.

- Assumable mortgages that can make it easier to sell your home in the future because you can pass along your low mortgage rate.  These products are not easy to find or get, but when you get the lowest home mortgage refinance rate possible and then rates rise, you may be able to sell your home for more if you can pass along that favorable situation.

- Ways to asses the ideal term for your home mortgage loan, given the usual choices of 10, 20, and 30 years for your home mortgage refinance.  People often underestimate the complexity of this choice – it is more complicated that just getting the lowest mortgage interest rate since a shorter term means much higher payments.

- How to choose a broker or bank wisely to get the lowest home mortgage refinance rate you qualify for without up front costs that change the answer to “should I refinance my mortgage”.  There are an abundance of brokers and banks out there that want your business, and the difference in rates can be significant, but that might not be the only deciding factor.

- How to compare different types of home mortgage loan products, including interest only and reverse mortgages in order to get the lowest home mortgage interest rate.  Again, the answer to the question “should I refinance my mortgage” is only the first step – then you have to decide which product to go with.

Our goal is to give you enough information about home mortgage loan products and the mortgage refinance process in general so that you will know about each type of possible refi before you call a prospective mortgage broker. We do not think it is that person who should be answering the question “Should I refinance my mortgage?” because they are inherently biased. And once again, our independence from any mortgage broker or bank allows us to present this information about when to refinance in a fully unbiased way.  Aside from this page which has the latest information and advice about the mortgage refinance process, we have the following comprehensive pages (you can navigate above or to the left):

How to get the lowest mortgage refinance rate covers the information and advice you need to get the most favorable rate and terms on your refi, with steps starting much earlier than you may think.  The rate is often the most important factor in knowing when to refinance.

Mortgage refinance process terms and definitions gives you the ability to talk the talk with complete understanding with your broker or bank during the home mortgage refinance process.  An educated consumer often gets the lowest home mortgage interest rate possible.

The different types of home mortgage refinance loan covers lesser known types of loans and helps move the question from “should I refinance my mortgage” to “what kind of mortgage should I get?”.  Many people are surprised at the number of products available.

Tips to getting the best mortgage provides overall tips and tricks and overall knowing when to refinance and how to get the lowest home mortgage refinance rate.  Even some who have done a lot of homework already will find helpful information there.

About Us gives you information about why we are here providing free information about home mortgage loans.  We have no stake in who you choose to go with or whether you choose  to refi in the first place.  We want to help people know when to refinance and do not charge any fees to do so.

List of Fees allows you to see what the home mortgage refinance charges might be and gives a range of how much they should be when asking the question “should I refinance”.  Knowing when to refinance is one thing, but being ready to pay the fees is another.

Steps in the refinance process brings you step by step through the home mortgage loan process so you know what to expect and how to prepare.  You need to try to avoid losing your home mortgage interest rate because you run out of time on your rate lock, and this section will help you ensure that everything is moving along.

When to Refinance gives some information about the common question – when should I refinance my home loan – what is the best potential timing?  Of course no one can tell you exactly where home mortgage refinance rates are headed, but we can help you read some of the clues.

The Mortgage Refinance Journal will also explore the various terms you can get on more conventional home mortgage refinance products as well, from lengths of time to types of payments on your home refinance loan. The more informed and knowledgeable you are when you call your bank or broker, the better you are likely to do in the home mortgage refinance process. We want to provide you with the unbiased independent information you need to get a great rate and the most favorable terms you can!

Thanks for visiting and we hope that in the end you will know when to refinance  and therefore get your answer to the question “Should I refinance my mortgage?

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